I'm David.


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Expertise in responsive frontends powered by scalable APIs.

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When creating an API, I use proven patterns to get things done quickly. I try to never re-invent the wheel and use tested, community driven solutions. Also, I have a few years working within the enterprise space.

Tool Experience Notes
MVC 10 Years Zend Framework, Java Spring, Symphony, CodeIgnitor - I can work with whatever is being used.
ORM 3 Years I chose to use Doctrine in a public facing app.
APIs 11 Years I build and work with Rest APIs on most projects. I have worked with SOAP APIs and ESBs when a project calls for it.
Deployment 10 Years I can deploy small, scalable projects. For larger ones, deployment should be handled by specialists.

The views should work regardless of screen size or device. Users should connect with relevant information quickly. The brand and message should saturate the views in just the right way.

Tool Experience Notes
jQuery 2 Years I choose and use jquery in public facing projects.
Bootstrap 1 Year I use this when prototyping and as a base for small projects. I can work with custom or alternative stacks as well.
XHR / JSON 6 Years Iterating responses from APIs and manipulating the view layer is what I do.
View Layer 10 Years I can work with the view layer whether it is HTML, PHP, JAVA, or .NET.