Today’s Thoughts

First off, I really like the show “Cavemen” – a lot. It’s like it’s the best show I’ve ever seen – but I know that just isn’t possible.

In fact I’ve never even met anyone who likes it.
Nobody likes it. Well, I do.

Jamie asks, “would it still be funny if they aren’t cavemen?” and the answer is probably not.

Next, I must say that I hate in movies when everything is going great then suddenly the happy people get hit with a car from out of nowhere. In “Adaptation” when they’re backing up he says to his wife, “We’re finally out of debt and everything is going great.” then they get hit by a car and their life just gets destroyed. She uses the accident as an excuse to leave him.

Or that Brad Pitt movie where he is walking across the street after that girl then he gets hit by a huge truck or bus – or those volkswagen commercials.

It makes me associate peaceful times and happy times with an inevitable truck smashing into the scene out of nowhere.

Sometimes when I daydream they are great and then they end with a huge truck smashing into the windshield.

Freakin’ ruined my daydreams even…

That’s all the thoughts for now.


  1. craig

    i watched that caveman show because you reccomended it so highly and i thought it was funny! i don’t know if its a fair question to ask if it would still be funny if they weren’t cavemen … i mean, the name of the show is cavemen … thats sorta why its supposed to be funny. i still like the office better though.
    and i love those scenes in movies with car crashes. when i got in my accident it was exactly like those scenes.
    although i’m not a fan of car crash dreams. {=o(

  2. steph

    haven’t watched the caveman show yet, but i totally cracked up (in the theatre) when brad pitt got hit by that car in meet joe black. i just couldn’t help it, the scene was hilarious.

  3. Dan

    Seeing Brad Pitt getting creamed by two vehicles was the only thing worthwhile in Meet Joe Black.

    Sadly, it was in the first ten minutes.

    The movie was three hours long.

    On the subject of dreams, I really don’t have car accident dreams, but I do have dreams in which I’m hit by cars.

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