From Saturn to Mars

Well, since my last car was totaled after hitting that firetruck, I had to get a different one. I decided to get a Volvo because they are really safe.

The emblem on the front of the car is the symbol for “iron” which is supposed to convey strength and sturdiness. But it’s also the astrological symbol for Mars. Which is cool because I used to have a Saturn so at least now my car represents a planet closer to earth.

It has a special place to hold my giant bouncy ball while I’m driving. This way it doesn’t roll around and cause loud noises. That was extremely important in deciding which car to get.


  1. David Mulhern

    Hi Rohn! Oh yeah, it’s a silver S80 T6. I got it at dealer cost by going to an auction with a guy named Bruce. He was smoking a big cigar and he had on white tennis shoes and a green hat. He tought me lots of neat things about cars and was very nice.

  2. Chris Reece

    Having a safe place for your “balls” is very important. Good choice brother. If you get lonely w/o Jamie in the next few weeks remember Hyde and I only live 300 miles Southeast if you! And it would be a great way to test out the new ride way out in the booney’s.

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