Sunday was a beautiful day in many ways. I drove out to Ghost mountain again and took some new pictures. This time in black and white. Here are a couple of the shots from that trip… (Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions)

Ghost Mountain

Ghost Mountain

After I took these photos I ran into a firetruck going the opposite direction on a wet 2-lane mountain road. My car was totaled. My airbag and seatbelt both failed during the crash and my body struck the windshield – but I walked away alive. In fact, I’m recovering very quickly. In fact, I feel pretty good considering what happened. Even at the scene I was instantly aware and talking with the firemen.

Thinking back, I really believe that I could have slid off the mountain had it not been for that firetruck driving around that corner at that exact moment. They were returning to the station after being called on a false alarm. At the foot of the mountain was an ambulance from the same call. There are events in which I can see the fingerprints of God… this was one of those.

Jamie took pictures of the remains of my car – we should get those soon. I actually made a dent in the firetruck – we have photos of that too. Quite a Sunday.  Thank you all for your prayers. I am going to be just fine!


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