State of the Human Address

A blog is an easy way to catch up on someone’s life without having to talk to them. But there are so many posts that you have to piece it all together to figure out what is really going on.

I’ll make it easy with this… The First Annual State of the Human Address

I have lost touch with a lot of old friends. This is not because I’m married – or because I don’t like you! It’s because I’ve used almost every drop of free-time to build a company called Sonipa. Most of you may have heard me say the word “sonipa” but you may not have realized it is a real, profitable corporation.

About six months ago, I released the first product. It is a subscription based service which creates websites instantly. Two months ago, I got enough subscribers to pay for all operating costs. People have been signing up like crazy! Finally, my two years of work (with no apparent rewards) are beginning to pay off. There have been only two cancellations (and almost no support requests) since the launch.

This means two things: One, people like it. Two, since there are no major problems, I have my free time back!

Various Projects
With my free time back, I started working on various creative projects. One of these, a children’s book, I finished recently. You can read a rough version I posted earlier this month. There are many more secret projects in the works. I won’t mention them until they are complete.

Day Job
During the day, my title is “creative director.” What do I actually do on a day-to-day basis?
Here’s how it works:

1. An executive comes up with an idea for something (anything, from a cartoon to a website)

2. I fill in any missing information and create a rough draft

3. I assemble a team for the project and manage it to completion – quickly

In the old days, I had to create teams of up to 12 people – these days the projects are much smaller in scale and I can keep the teams extremely small – which I like.

Although each prototype may or may not get sold, they all get done. My day job’s greatest gift is I have been able to learn how to finish things; which is the hardest part of any project (in my opinion)

And the building sort of looks like a spaceship.

Jamie and I have been married for over five years! We have spent five years figuring out this marriage thing – and we are now closer and happier than ever before.

Jamie and I are different in just the right ways. This creates a passionate and exciting relationship. Plus, she gets hotter every year.

We have live in a house with a unique floorplan and foliage all around.

Even though some people bet on us having kids within a year of our wedding, those people lost their bets. Natural family planning does work if you educate yourself and work at it, regardless of what the court of public opinion believes. And no: natural family planning has nothing to do with the rhythm method; I am not Catholic; I don’t think birth control is evil. And yes: we could have kids, we just choose not to.

My parents moved to Colorado quite some time ago. Both of them got jobs here in Arizona right after moving so I see them every few months. My brother Thomas and his wife moved back to Canada. He is now a youth pastor for a small church. As a result, only my brother John and I remain here in the desert. But, now that both John and I are mature, intelligent adults we can actually hang out!

Even with all that is going on, we have managed to maintain a great group of friends who are supportive, fun and truly doing great with the life they have been given. Many of these I met through Zack, who is a cool guy who I met through Jamie. I don’t put enough time into my friendships however, and I am trying to get to a place where I can really get to know all of these wonderful people.

So… if you thought that I’ve been sitting on my couch playing video games, dreaming of the life I would like to have – you would be wrong. I have been working my ass off to make my dreams real – and many of them are real already!


  1. B.Willey

    You are a great guy and I’m glad that FolioNow has become what you have worked for and hoped it would be. I can’t wait for your children’s book to come out so A and I can read it to Colin.

  2. mona mccowen

    Hey, since I am one of the “Lost Ones,” I found this to be very informative. I will be sure to let Mark know that you think he may (also) not have been sitting on the couch playing video games. He’ll be, dare I say, flattered.

  3. Zack

    Yo – David… are a crazy and busy man. Keeping thinking of all those things the rest of us used to dream about, but forgot how to. And please travel forward in time and see if I am bald in the future? That way I can start taking precautions now.

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