My watch got me thinking about a better way to make the Sonipa line of clocks I’ve been working on. Using thin lit panels cut to a specific size (which would have two settings – on and off) mixed with a simple circular frame a tiny bit of logic to cycle the panels it would be possible – and it would ship successfully – which is the problem I have with the crystal versions of my clocks (link, link, link)

The outer ring indicates the completion of your current day (hours) – note the entire day is on the clock (which makes much more sense then the traditional “half-day” clocks most people have)

The middle ring is the completion of your current hour.

The inside ring is the completion of your current minute.

And the best part? To set the time, push the button in the middle. The “day ring” begins to blink. Turn the knob to the correct hour then push again. The minutes blinks, turn the knob. Push again to edit seconds. That’s it! No other settings needed!

One button.
Inexpensive parts.
Ships well.
Looks cool.
Better way of telling time I dare say!
What what!


  1. George

    Clocks are like little prophets. If they are properly callibrated, they tell you truth. If you alter their message, you don’t alter the truth, but merely your perception of the truth. And thats only if you forgot that you tampered with it. And others can refute your self delusion with their properly calibrated little prophet. I like clocks because it is their nature to speak truth. And your clocks are sweet, so that helps, too.

  2. Bam

    Whew… that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. I’m listening to my “half-day” clock TICK-TOCKING in the background, and I think it has given me Tourette’s. Oh– no, nevermind… it’s just making me swear because it’s so *#&^)!! annoying.

    If this clock doesn’t tick, sign me up. ;-)

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