My Brother Graduated

On Friday my brother graduated! We are all very proud of him! He is officially a Fulton engineering school graduate. I forgot my camera, so this will have to do:

See how happy he was!

Some graduates (construction specific degrees) wore hats like this:

I used to think a dean looked like this:

But their dean looks like this:

Mr. Fulton said a funny speech – the ASU engineering school was named after him:

It was weird to see a sea of yellow hats

My brother enjoys learning. Now he will take on the rest of the world and learn a million new things – which is exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

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  1. Brother Tom

    hmph! you never have drawn a picture about me when I graduated. I graduated way before stupid john and his stupid little computer degree.

    my dean looked like your original idea of what a dean looked like. i heard you explained computer programming to grandma. Awesome!

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