Red Time 1

I’ve finally finished designing and making my first 24 hour clock. At the top of the clock is a full sun representing noon and at the bottom is a group of stars representing midnight. It is framed in chrome. I call it Sonipa Red Time. It’s real and it works!

Like a regular clock, the small hand shows you the hour and the large hand shows the minute. Only instead of only having 12 hours there are 24 displayed (left side is AM, right side is PM). You no longer have to be confined to seeing half of your day… You can click on the images to view a larger version.


  1. David Mulhern

    Hey dave! I go my movement from a clock store in Wisconsin. It’s a converted military time movement. Converted in the sense that it had to be modified to use regular hands …. Modified in the sense that I jammed a screwdriver in it.

  2. deep oral

    Since one of the ideas is to split strings not into words, but hopefully into phrases more semantically informative than the words they are made of, doing that better should mean better suggestions, and avoiding what essentially are word n-tuples should make for smaller data and slightly faster querying.

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