I’m laying in the hammock right now after work… I was going to listen to music but instead I just listened to the wind. I realize that my whole day consists of entertainment, conversation or work. The only silence is when I finally try to fall asleep at the end of the day.

I’m glad that it’s nice enough to lay in the hammock but I would prefer more weather.

I wish I could transplant my life as it is to a different part of the country. A place with snow and cottages and rivers and such… I would get a job doing something repetitive… Making candles or rocking chairs… A new one every day (or two or three)… And I’d live right off the river (or a little shaded stream).. And when winter comes and the stream is frozen we’d make a big fire and read (and never get sick)… And everyone I care about would be there.. up the street (or down the hill or just outside of town)… We would meet on Tuesdays around the fire and laugh and talk and try to remember where we all came from… but we could barely even visualize it (me least of all) … and even the idea of laying outside in a hammock gives everyone a good laugh (me most of all)…


  1. David Mulhern

    Now – later – I realize the most important part of the post is not about the location or the snow – it’s about being surrounded by people I care about. The snow, river and fire are just details in the end…

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