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God (to the third power)

I have some questions about the Christian view of the trinity. I’ll start with what we know:

1. The bible hints at three different forms God can take.
2. The concept “trinity” is never mentioned.

What I don’t understand is why Christians have decided that the three forms we have been told about is all there is. They decided that God is a trinity and made it a central part of every statement of faith I’ve ever seen.

What if there are 16 forms God can take but we simply can’t percieve them yet… Or 16,000…

Making something up about God… TRYING to piece God together… Then claiming the results as the one true definition of God seems like an arrogant thing to do. And limiting God to our human logic makes God small enough and comfortable enough to fit on the shelf…

And maybe this is why taking the mystery out of God leaves us with a boring made up human faith… Rather than an infinate mysterious inpercievable puzzle… Of which we have only been given a small piece of the solution.

Boba News

I’ll start a new segment called Boba News today.

Fresco: After a few bad boba drinks, I finally started telling Shawn that the boba tasted flat. He figured out that if you serve the boba right out of the pot it has no flavour. As a result of this realization his boba is now consistantly good. Today he mentioned that my critisism is good for his business. Also he showed me the raw ingredients of their milk tea… He says it has very little sugar.

AZN Boba: She had the same problem as Fresco. But after talking about it, I haven’t had any “raw” boba accidents since. AZN has the best milk tea in town, but their Jasmine Green Tea is lacking. It is only served with milk, which to me is a mistake.

Lollicup: A new lollicup is being put in at Warner and Alma School.. Less than a mile from my house. The current one is on 99th Ave. And Thunderbird so this will be much closer.

Mocha Jumbies: I’ve given up on this place. They are consistantly horrible. Their boba is not very good and their teas are only powders. Nothing is fresh brewed there.

So that’s it for this edition of Boba News. Stay tuned for more…


I like to accidentally come across sites that make no sense, but have lots of pictures to explore. Since I have nothing else to say today, here are a few of those.

An Update

I don’t have the will to write up a post, so here are some pictures from my camera phone. This will count as an update of the past few weeks. When I drove at the beginning of the past few weeks, it looked like this:

I’ve been in a lot of meetings. They look like this:

Then, last Friday we decided to work in the dark. Even darker than normal. Even Evan worked in the dark:

My office was dark too…

And this pink little princess had everyone dress up in pink:

And we only ate pink food:

(and I had more meetings)

Then email broke for the entire week so we made up an alternative method of communication:

And then Robert drew me – but he isn’t supposed to – so he improvised.

And Noah came over to my house in his new helmet…

(he brought people with him – but not Jamie because she lives here)

And we drank Boba. Even went there twice! They were out of Boba but it worked out because the Jelly was even better…