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The mini-penny.

I would like to buy one gallon of gas but it costs two dollars, eight seven cents, and nine – well… it’s nine tenths of a penny.

So, as a result I’ve invented the mini-penny.

I’m working on the prototype now.

Also a short story about a magician who just can’t stop shoplifting.


Is there a bluetooth headset out there with a little camera on the top?

I did some searching but couldn’t find anything.

If there is, people who wear those things could be recording their day – their meetings, phone calls, everything. Then in 20 years they could look back through all the moments they were awake.

It would at least give them a reason to wear it all day

Inner Sun

Well I just recieved my hollow planets book. It’s 600 pages of “scientific” proof that the earth (and some other planets) are actually hollow.

The funniest part of this book is that it smells like smoke. I can just visualize a huge stack of these books in the author’s smokey apartment stacked up, waiting to be sold. The truth is out there … Maybe next I’ll have to get A Practical Guide to Time Travel.


I’m laying in the hammock right now after work… I was going to listen to music but instead I just listened to the wind. I realize that my whole day consists of entertainment, conversation or work. The only silence is when I finally try to fall asleep at the end of the day.

I’m glad that it’s nice enough to lay in the hammock but I would prefer more weather.

I wish I could transplant my life as it is to a different part of the country. A place with snow and cottages and rivers and such… I would get a job doing something repetitive… Making candles or rocking chairs… A new one every day (or two or three)… And I’d live right off the river (or a little shaded stream).. And when winter comes and the stream is frozen we’d make a big fire and read (and never get sick)… And everyone I care about would be there.. up the street (or down the hill or just outside of town)… We would meet on Tuesdays around the fire and laugh and talk and try to remember where we all came from… but we could barely even visualize it (me least of all) … and even the idea of laying outside in a hammock gives everyone a good laugh (me most of all)…

Real Ghosts

I had a dream last night. I was sitting in a boba tea place talking to the owner… I can remember most of the conversation. I remember what I felt as I reacted to the various topics we discussed.

I remember after we were finished talking walking outside and realizing that I was in there for hours. The sun was setting and I was in downtown Tempe. I can even remember the exact crossroads…

Now, awake, thinking back on the conversation – I realize that the person I was talking with doesn’t exist.

Air Hockey News

Metal Table: In the brand new Peter Piper’s on Queen Creek and Alma School there is a metal table. It is quite fast and quite loud. Atticus and I played some intense games (after the little girl in the pink destroyed the girl in black).

Black Listed: Beware – the tables at GolfLand in Mesa are pretty beat up. They eat money like crazy and one of them turns off at random times (eating money).