Category: Thoughts

Memory File 0032

complile clips of chinese guy in sunshine
idea: grill contest for homeless people
get muppets in space on dvd for jamie
the facade,
idea: make trapdoor to roof
idea: cars as dogs,
the littlest vampire
Richie VanJelical
next car’s name: air force two
auction off the sun on ebay
samantha tabasco
book? Stewards of the mysteries of God
black opium (drink)
RHIP – means rank has its privaledge
Meow Chatters
Hitachini Owl’s Nest
People Have No Right to Vote?
Ruby Reds
Haunted Air Balloon,
ancient taxi game
Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
hoisting your own petard
Check out Nexus magazine
Citavo coffee is best in the world?
bridge to nowhere, alaska
morning jacket?
espionage in corporate america
Sweet peed?
Jack Slipper
michael pollack – do not trust
Robert Hunter, the Celtic Way of Evangelism
Jamie: boiled milk cake
research: hollow earth
south pole, dallas thompson
mount shasta, inner sun,
Potentially Hazardous Asteroid
Beer is the oldest written recipes (from sumeria)
Oatmeal is the new black
Dragon Ball Z is the opposite of Radiohead
a burrito sandwich is a wrap


Papa Smurf just said: “What the smurf is going on here?” In this context, what does the word “smurf” mean? In this episode, Smurfette’s pet squirrel died. She ran away because she was worried all the other Smurfs would eventually die and she didn’t want to experience the pain.

Is this what cartoons were like when I was a kid? It would explain a lot.

Nice Day

It’s a really nice day out there! I to think about some excuses to be outside… let’s see… I could….

  • go for a hike
  • work in the yard
  • take pictures in the desert
  • ride my bike somewhere new

That’s all I can think of. What did you do today on this beautiful day? We can share ideas for next time!