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When I look at my watch I want to see the whole day. At one glance I want to see:

  • When I wake up
  • When I go to work
  • When I eat lunch
  • When I come home
  • When I eat dinner
  • When I go to sleep

I want to see the whole day all at once. But for some reason most watches & clocks aren’t made that way. Oddly enough, they split the day in half! Some do not make this mistake, like this Russian watch:

Once I saw this I thought, “At Last!” But now I need a clock for my wall. To make it easier for people in the U.S., I thought, “What if the time was converted to AM/PM instead of military time?” Now that’s the way I want to see my day. If I make this clock, I’ll post a picture of it.

Update: I did make this clock. Click Here

Two Questions

Ever since I saw these pictures:

I realized that I wanted a giant bouncy ball of my own. I found one on ebay but the picture was really blurry. I couldn’t tell how big it was so I asked the seller – here is a screenshot of our entire conversation.

So – we’ll see. A solid rubber ball with a 4 inch diameter isn’t bad. The item is still not mine so don’t steal it away from me ….