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Scanner Darkly

What does a scanner see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does it see into me, into us? Clearly or darkly? I hope it sees clearly, because I can’t any longer see into myself. I see only murk. I hope for everyone’s sake the scanners do better. Because if the scanner sees only darkly, the way I do, then I’m cursed and cursed again. I’ll only wind up dead this way, knowing very little, and getting that little fragment wrong too.

If you don’t like reading, check out the movie.

Movie Review

As I write this, I am watching “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie” and let me tell you, it’s extremely distracting. I think the movie would be much better if the garbage pail kids weren’t in it. The link between the main character, Dodger, and his love interest, Tangerine, is enough for the movie to keep my attention.

The following fight scene from the movie really showcases their chemistry… It begins with Dodger giving Tangerine a giant bead from his grandfather’s store… then her boyfriend “Juice” shows up…

But like I said, the problem with this movie is the Garbage Pail Kids. Compare that fight scene to this one…

See what I mean? It’s a better movie without them.

Honest Tea

I rather like products made by a company called “Honest Tea” – Their teas are not too sweet and they actually taste like tea. They seem to keep popping up in my food pictures…

Sonipa Ellwood

Well, here’s the latest 24 hour Sonipa clock – I called it the “Ellwood” because I made it for my dad’s birthday and that’s his middle name.

Red Time 1

I’ve finally finished designing and making my first 24 hour clock. At the top of the clock is a full sun representing noon and at the bottom is a group of stars representing midnight. It is framed in chrome. I call it Sonipa Red Time. It’s real and it works!

Like a regular clock, the small hand shows you the hour and the large hand shows the minute. Only instead of only having 12 hours there are 24 displayed (left side is AM, right side is PM). You no longer have to be confined to seeing half of your day… You can click on the images to view a larger version.

Clock Zero

I just finished my first clock design. It’s based on a Russian pocketwatch that Craig wants to get. It’s not a 24 hour clock because I still haven’t recieved that movement in the mail yet. This is my first practice clock… I call it “The Garrison Clock Zero”…

Giant Bouncy Ball

Well. Today they came. The giant bouncy balls from California. In the picture below, you can see one of them next to what I USED to consider a giant… see it there… sulking in the shadow of its replacement.

This ball is made of solid rubber bouncy ball material. It’s quite heavy. When I bounce it, people outside my office can hear it hit the floor through the walls.

Special thanks to Hana for helping us find them!