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My watch got me thinking about a better way to make the Sonipa line of clocks I’ve been working on. Using thin lit panels cut to a specific size (which would have two settings – on and off) mixed with a simple circular frame a tiny bit of logic to cycle the panels it would be possible – and it would ship successfully – which is the problem I have with the crystal versions of my clocks (link, link, link)

The outer ring indicates the completion of your current day (hours) – note the entire day is on the clock (which makes much more sense then the traditional “half-day” clocks most people have)

The middle ring is the completion of your current hour.

The inside ring is the completion of your current minute.

And the best part? To set the time, push the button in the middle. The “day ring” begins to blink. Turn the knob to the correct hour then push again. The minutes blinks, turn the knob. Push again to edit seconds. That’s it! No other settings needed!

One button.
Inexpensive parts.
Ships well.
Looks cool.
Better way of telling time I dare say!
What what!


I released a few months ago and it has steadily been growing.

Recently it was mentioned on mashable in an article titled, 50+ tools for web design. Folionow is the fifth suggested resource in the article. Every little link like this helps!

At killerstartups, a short overview of folionow was posted. One quote from this article:

Why it might be a killer: Nobody wants to pay and arm and a leg for a designer to do their website for them and nobody wants to spend their days looking for media related to their site. There are tons of people making new sites every day that don’t want to deal with this sort of thing.

Anyway… Lots of new users – the word is slowly getting out -

New Features Posted

Embed Codes
You can now embed your media anywhere! Generate code for slideshows, audio players and more.

Custom Pages
Custom pages allow you to pick which media you want and where you want it to be

With these features complete, the app is now ready to ship.

The Real Deal

Update! The transfer is complete! It may take a few hours for you to see the new site… but it is there and your data has been transferred.

Up to this point folionow has always shared the server it is hosted on with other people. This slows it down quite a bit – and limits us in how much data we can store. Well, we no longer have to share.

I am almost done setting up the dedicated server. Multiple processors, plenty of ram, tons of hard drive space – and best of all, it’s all ours. In the next few days, I will switch all of our accounts to the new server. No data will be lost, and at most we will have 24 hours of downtime.