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My old boss said that you can tell everything about a guy by his watch. Of course, he owned a Rolex. I think that might be something people who own a Rolex say.

I just got a watch today – I hope his theory is right.

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How do I know that this year I will NOT destroy our lawn while Jamie is gone?
Easy… by planning.


Various events in my life have inspired me to get to make some huge changes to improve my health over the next six months.

I have been inspired.

I will make various changes each week and see which has the greatest affect.

Week One

This week’s changes:
1. Run or walk 3 miles every day.
2. Cut down sugar 50 percent

Well I am at .61 miles so far. I’m standing on a treadmill briskly walking.. Sweating. It feels good to move. I’m so freaking sedentary.

You know how I was finally able to start? I became okay with sweating. I’ve been outside writing a lot lately, drenched in sweat after hours under this hot summer sun. After I became okay with that, I realized I could begin.

A few weeks ago I became a better person inside, now it is time to become a better person outside. I think sweating is one of the most important parts of that bettering process.

I hope in six months these changes improve my body and mind.


Tonight, I was writing some stuff down at the park – the lightning was pretty impressive! I captured a few pictures of my car and where I was working.

September One

so a year is our earth completing a full circle around our star. And a day is planet rotating, giving us a complete 360 degree view of our universe. One of these view we call day because it is really bright. And night is our view of the infinate nothingness in our universe.

Months, hours, minutes and seconds are just imagined dividers between these two actual events.

Our star orbits around the center of our galaxy. We move one mile around the Galaxy in less than 1/100th of a second.

The universe itself is moving at a speed of several hundred miles per second.

In other words we are constantly spinning and flying through space.

Today, I have completed twenty-nine trips around our star..


I put my shoe out into the street in a construction zone.

Then I put my phone in it and propped it up with my rolled up socks.

Then I recorded this… You may have to jiggle the little horizontal line to get it to play. Video after the jump.

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