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Film Found

I found a cannister of film from a camera that got destroyed in the accident. Although the back of the camera was opened, many of the pictures developed okay. I like this one because it captures the day well… and it’s the last picture of my car I have

From Saturn to Mars

Well, since my last car was totaled after hitting that firetruck, I had to get a different one. I decided to get a Volvo because they are really safe.

The emblem on the front of the car is the symbol for “iron” which is supposed to convey strength and sturdiness. But it’s also the astrological symbol for Mars. Which is cool because I used to have a Saturn so at least now my car represents a planet closer to earth.

It has a special place to hold my giant bouncy ball while I’m driving. This way it doesn’t roll around and cause loud noises. That was extremely important in deciding which car to get.

Trumpet Driver

The other day, while I was driving, I saw this guy playing the trumpet while driving. He even played it while making a left turn. It was really loud. But he was pretty good at it … seems a bit extreme however. I snapped this picture with my phone.

Car Helmet

The CEO had an idea for how I can be prepared should my seatbelt and airbags ever fail again. Of course, Atticus has had this idea for years.

Head Here

So that’s why my head hurts. This is where my head struck the windshield.

My Window

This is my car after hitting the firetruck.

My Car

This is the firetruck afterwards

My Car

They say you feel worse until you feel better. I can see that. On Monday I felt pretty good but today I can barely talk it hurts so bad. But that’s a good sign! That means I’m healing! Unfortunately, Jamie won’t get to hear me talk as much…


Sunday was a beautiful day in many ways. I drove out to Ghost mountain again and took some new pictures. This time in black and white. Here are a couple of the shots from that trip… (Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions)

Ghost Mountain

Ghost Mountain

After I took these photos I ran into a firetruck going the opposite direction on a wet 2-lane mountain road. My car was totaled. My airbag and seatbelt both failed during the crash and my body struck the windshield – but I walked away alive. In fact, I’m recovering very quickly. In fact, I feel pretty good considering what happened. Even at the scene I was instantly aware and talking with the firemen.

Thinking back, I really believe that I could have slid off the mountain had it not been for that firetruck driving around that corner at that exact moment. They were returning to the station after being called on a false alarm. At the foot of the mountain was an ambulance from the same call. There are events in which I can see the fingerprints of God… this was one of those.

Jamie took pictures of the remains of my car – we should get those soon. I actually made a dent in the firetruck – we have photos of that too. Quite a Sunday.  Thank you all for your prayers. I am going to be just fine!

Hey – what’s that over there?

Today I was driving along the streets of what I thought was Mesa but I saw something strange towering over me in the distance. Past the palm trees – sugar coated mountains in every direction.

To be honest I actually had a dream about this – driving at the edge of town – in Phoenix – with snow covered mountains all around. And now it has come true…